1. Luminescent material
    (a)Super-water-proof making and all ceramic luminescent material
    Luminescent material ppt for light-gravity LED of SGK
    WP-BO series all types of ceramic pigments
    Super-water-proof making, Luminescent material, WP-BO series, 1000hours energization accerated xls
    Silicate used luminiscent material, water-proof, without coating 0-01-1000hours energization accerated xls.

    (b)Making pigments from LN series organic dyestuff
    Article on Monthly MATERIAL JPN
    Making pigments from LN series organic dyestuff
    The Colour degradation test by 500hours of Xenon UV expousre

  2. Three-dimensional afterglow,new material for storing light・・・Detailed PDF
    ・Comparison between three-dimensional storing light material and conventional type・・・Detailed PDF

  3. Lamp color LED・・・Detailed PDF /
    Measured data1_xlsMeasured data2_PDF
    This is a totally different technology,using the luminescent material and existent LED,
    we have made a lamp color LED.
    It is possible to demonstrate in our company!

  4. Lamp color,flat panel lighting・・・
    Converting wave length of the conventioal white color LED,we have made the lamp color flat panel.

  5. Storing light type Down light・・・Detailed PDF
    The conventional type of dawn lights have back up with battery.
    Therefore,when blacking out at nighttime,it becomes pitch-dark instantly,and so the evacuation will be quite troublesome.
    However, Storing Light Type Dawn Light continues to shine for 3 hours after the blackout and facilitate the evacuation.

  6. The storing light type Light brings you Good,Quiet,and Pleasant Sleep・・・Detailed PDF