Appeal to Angels

Dear Sir/Madam
Our Company's vision is as follows;

  1. To activate present industry,we have developed new technology and want to promote not only our new technology but also foreign or other new technologies,to break through present world where practical inovations are difficult to occur by degrees.

  2. Promising young men are difficult to find proper job now,but we want to change such a situation.

  3. We want to introduce good technologies in the world to many people,and encourage many inovators and enterprenours.
    And we want to reappear old belle epoch as 19th century.

  4. For the time being,we should propulse mass production of our new technological product and marketting,for the purpose of acquisition of proper capital.
    When our fund enough to promote the purpose of said 1`3,we are able to begin our inovative action sad 1`3.

  5. From this viewpoint,we want to seek angels who approve said our vision.
    Please lend us your ability and invest us your fund.

  6. For Angels;
    Your proposals are accepted by one of following media;

    If you want,we can meet together and examinate further detail.
    We hope proposals from patriot angels.

    Respectfhlly yours