(Translation from Japanese)

Nihon Keizai Shimbun  2010 May 27

A new luminescent material makes three times brighter than Lamp Color LED

Also holds down produce cost.

By ‚rE‚fE‚j Inc.


‚rE‚fE‚j Inc. (Jeremiah Suzuki C.E.O), Light related Technology company, Hiratsuka City Kanagawa Prefecture has developed a new luminescent material.

It can lighten up three times brighter than conventional lamp light LED (light emitting diode) which is more closer to natural light illumination.

It produces high luminance lamp color with the laminated structure based on usual blue LED and makes brighter than white LED.

The company plans making the business with a domestic and foreign major electric companies .

The new luminescent material is a yellow silicon based powder said to have the effect of making brighter.

The light emitted from blue LED passes YAG (yttrium, aluminum, and garnet), then the developed luminescent material and changes high intensity lamp light. Or if you need the same brightness, you can suppress to half the electric power compared with white LED.

Although the warm lamp color meeted userfs needs, it required sort of heat-sink. And as a result the product cost stayed high and did not come into wide use till today.